Tuition Fine Print

General Program Students

Pro Arté Centre General Program classes are scheduled for the academic year and begin September and run through June of each year.  Registration is for the year and class fees for individual classes will vary slightly to reflect holidays as there are no regular classes run during many school or public holidays.

All Fees are exclusive of GST (and GST and PST will apply to all students from adult sizes with regard to uniforms). An annual registration fee is assessed for each student registration to which GST is applied. Payment can be made by cheque, credit card (VISA or MasterCard) or by etransfer to

In order to make dance training financially accessible to all families, there are a number of payment options and discounts available to Pro Arté students’ families.

Available Discounts:

Full Payment Option: Full payment of tuition in advance at the point of registration will result in a 1% pre-payment discount when fees are paid by cheque or eTransfer. This discount will be retracted if a refund is required mid-year as it applies only for a full annual term.

Early Registration Option: Register before September1st and receive an additional 1.5% discount if annual fees are pre-paid in one lump sum by cheque or eTransfer. This discount will be retracted if a refund is required mid-year as it applies only for a full annual term.

Part-Time Student Rates: If a student participates in more than 1 class per week, an additional 4% discount will apply for each additional class taken in the same week to a maximum of 12% on total fees:


Registered Classes Percentage Discount
1 Class None
2 Classes 4% on Total Tuition
3 Classes 8% on Total Tuition
4 Classes 12% on Total Tuition


Monthly Payment Options:

Payment for classes can be made in the following ways:

  • Cheque: A deposit is due at the date of registration (10% plus registration fee) followed by nine (9) post-dated cheques dated October 1st through to June 1st. All cheques must be received before registration can be confirmed.  All NSF cheques are subject to a $35.00 administration charge.
  • Credit Card: A deposit is due at date of registration (10% plus registration fee) and nine monthly transactions are processed October 1st through to June 1st. All declined credit cards subject to $5 administration charge. This charge will be added automatically to your next payment which will be processed 7 days after the decline of the initial transaction.

General Program Full-Time Student Rate: If a student participates in more than 10 hours of classes per week, application can be made to be considered for the Pre-Professional/Professional Program rates(Email for more details)

Pre-Professional Program and Professional Training Program Scholarships: These programs are by audition or invitation only and are for serious and focused students. Students receive a Pro Arté scholarship to help subsidize the higher requirement of hours demanded per week. In consideration, Pre-Professional Students must be  present at all classes and rehearsals and commit to examinations (if recommended by their teachers). In addition, festival/competition and costume fees are assessed as appropriate throughout the year. A slightly higher discount is provided to the students in the higher levels as the examination and competitive requirements are financially more demanding in these older students.  Students who withdraw from the Pre-Professional/Professional Programs mid-year will either relinquish their Pre-Professional Program Scholarship and the General Program fees will be accessed retroactively or students will be required to honour the financial commitment of their program, whichever is the lesser of the two options.  To ease family cash flow, the monthly payment plan program extends the payments to July 1st.

Late Registration: Late registrations are pro-rated according to calendar start


Classes Missed/Cancelled: Classes missed by students are non-refundable and cannot be made-up. Classes cancelled by Pro Arté may be made up in a comparable class on arrangement with the Office.

Withdrawals/Refunds: Withdrawal from a class between September 1st and prior to April 1st for a subsequent refund requires four class weeks’ written notice or a doctor’s note. No refunds on examination or festival fees, registration fees or costume fees. No refunds will be issued after April 1st without a doctor’s written note.

Late Payments: Payments for dance classes are due on the first of each month. Tuition is Late after the 15th Day of each Month. A $10.00 late fee will be applied to your monthly payment.  Interest at 8% annual may be applied to accounts that are overdue in excess of 60 days.

Additional Charges: Throughout the year there may be additional invoices generated for extra costs that include:  examination classes and fees, costume rentals, festival entry fees and workshop fees that are not included in the regular tuition.  These costs are unique to each student and parents will be provided with the details of these charges as they arise.