Protégé Program

The Pro Arte Protégé Program is a new Half Day Program for students who want to focus on independent intensive classical & contemporary ballet training.  This technique intensive program is designed to maximize the success of the individual student in the international scene.

  • Training hours may be done with a commitment to full program training or on a drop-in basis (charges per class are higher).
  • Class size is limited to 7-9 students in Protégé classes and preference will be given to those taking the full program.
  • Students may select to participate in competitive groups. These do incur additional charges and hours and are not mandatory. For students planning on more than 3 international events, they are NOT recommended.
  • We do recommend that students take additional High School Accreditation Examination classes in the RAD and ISTD methods. Please note that these examination do require progression. You cannot take the Advanced 1 before the Intermediate etc. RAD examinations are offered Fall/Spring/Summer, however, ISTD are only offered in the spring.
  • The ISTD Intermediate offers entry to the Imperial Ballet Awards in England
  • The RAD Advanced 2 examination completed with distinction  allows entry into the Genee International ( and Solo Seal
  • Students may perform solos at any festivals/competitions with Pro Arte approval and administration. We do, however, recommend no more than 3 competitions during a training year and that consideration is given to the science for the best training cycle (we want to optimize the peaks and avoid the dips). We also advise that students attend the competitions where Pro Arte Faculty can supply support coaching.  However, parents may take the initiative with Pro Arte approval to participate in festivals at which Pro Arte faculty will not be present.
  • Students may have outside choreographers with approval from Pro Arte – rehearsals will be arranged at Pro Arte studios.  Pro Arte does have a recommended list of industry-recognized choreographers.

Students may select to add any additional training hours in other genres offered at Pro Arte with the Pre Professional hourly rate except for specialty classes which have a unique fee system.


  • Ages 12 + years
  • 5 days Half Day Training / 14.5hrs required, 20 hrs recommended


  • Mon – Fri Classical Technique Class
  • Mon – Thurs Daily Pointe Technique/Repertoire/Variations/Pas de Deux/ (Fri Pointe Strength highly recommended)
  • Progressive Ball Technique/Pilates Mat/Equipment class

+ Highly Recommended

  • Contemporary Technique Masterclass
  • Pointe & Foot Strength
  • Nutrition/Dance Science /Yoga/Character Enrichment Wednesdays

+ Recommended Accredited Examination Classes

  • ISTD Ballet Syllabus
  • RAD Ballet Syllabus Class
  • ISTD Modern Syllabus

+ Optional additional electives:

  • Technique Classes: Lyrical Technique/ Jazz Technique/ Acrobatic Hoop / Tap Technique / Acrobatic Technique/ Hip Hop
  • Competitive Classes: Classical & Contemporary Ballet Chorography/ Contemporary Choreography/ Acrobatic Choreography/ Lyrical Choreography/ Jazz Choreography