Accelerated Training Program

IMG_7512The Accelerated Training Program is a commitment on behalf of Pro Arté Centre to enable and allow for a comprehensive and  in-depth professional training within a nurturing team environment. Our philosophy is in “whole” education which includes the importance of academics and a holistic learning environment. Our graduates are dancing with major dance companies and Grad Programs in North America and in Europe.

The program offers:

  • Full day Dance & Academic Program (SD #71)* Grades 5 & up with onsite academics School District 71/ Monday – Friday, OR
  • Half Day: from ages 12 & up; Monday – Friday 1.30pm – 6.30pm


The program incorporates:

  • Intensive accelerated training with award winning,  fully qualified and experienced teachers
  • International Examinations with the ISTD & RAD
  • Preparation for local and international Festivals and Grand Prix for solo and ensemble work
  • Preparation for auditions and career guidance
  • Additional performance opportunities with other professional groups
  • Educational lectures and workshops in nutrition, injury prevention and rehabilitation, performance psychology and related issues


  • Ages 12 + years
  • 5 days Half Day Training / 20hrs minimum



    • All Half Day Ballet & Contemporary Ballet Technique/ Dance Conditioning & Enrichment Half Day Training (10 hrs)
    • + 10 – 15 hrs from
    • ISTD Ballet Syllabus
    • RAD Ballet Syllabus Class
    • Ballet Open Technique Class
    • ISTD Modern Syllabus
    • Contemporary Technique Masterclass
    • Pointe Technique
    • Pointe & Variations Fundamental Pointe & Foot Strength
    • Contemporary Pointe
    • Ballet Choreography*
    • Contemporary Technique & Choreography*
  • *Choreography classes can be substituted with additional technical hours. Group Choreography is not required.



+ Optional additional electives:

  • Technique Classes: Lyrical Technique/ Jazz Technique/ Acrobatic Hoop / Tap Technique / Acrobatic Technique/ Hip Hop
  • Competitive Classes: Classical & Contemporary Ballet Chorography/ Contemporary Choreography/ Acrobatic Choreography/ Lyrical Choreography/ Jazz Choreography