Enhanced Wellness Training

At Pro Arte Centre we heavily stress the importance of  a holistic dance training.

  • It is vital to understand the health science associated in working with young, growing bodies which are so vulnerable to injury if improper training is used by teachers in dance training.
  • In addition to syllabus and open technique classes, our students are provided with dance conditioning, core and stretch classes as well as Pilates and physiotherapist-directed exercise to strengthen and develop alignment and form for injury prevention and recovery.
  • On-site Physiotherapy
  • On-Site Fully Equipped Pilates Dance Conditioning/Rehabilitation gym

Pro Arte Physiotherapist, Erika Mayall; Conditioning Specialist, Susie Higgins and Artistic Director, Astrid Sherman are active members of the International Association of Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS) and Healthy Dancer Canada.