Professional Faculty and Staff

Dance and Holistic Support Faculty/Contributors:

  • Beverley Bagg: Classical Ballet, Pas De Deux, Dance Conditioning/ PBT, Coaching
  • Jocelyn Wozencroft: Classical Ballet, Contemporary Ballet, Dance Conditioning/PBT, Coaching
  • Roxane McConnachie: Classical Ballet, Pas De Deux, Dance Conditioning/ PBT, Coaching
  • Emily Nicholson: Classical Ballet, Dance Conditioning/ PBT
  • Racheal Prince: Classical Ballet, Contemporary
  • Sophia Curalli:  Ballet, Dance Conditioning, Contemporary & Modern
  • Carrie Coulter:  (RAD RTS PBT Cert.) Ballet, Dance Conditioning/PBT
  • Dawn Rodel: Ballet
  • Danielle Gardner:  Lyrical, Contemporary
  • Heather Laura Gray:  Contemporary, Industry
  • Montana Moore:  Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop &  Lyrical
  • Rosie Lewis: Modern, Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary
  • Alex Christian:  Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop &  Lyrical
  • Jaden Turner:  Industry & Tap
  • Dr. Gina Oh: Musical Theatre & Voice
  • Erika Mayall: Physiotherapy
  • Astrid Sherman: Coaching

Administration and Academics: 

  • Frances Brodhead: Wardrobe/Costumes
  • Patricia Concepcion:  Mathematics/Science/Administration
  • Laara Ong: Humanities
  • Chris Cheng: Mathematics/Science, Educational Administrator
  • Michelle Low: Humanities
  • Farah Omar: Physics
  • Christina Wong: Humanities