About Us

 Encouraging Dedication and Advancing Achievement

“Come Soar with Us”

The Pro Arte Centre community is pleased to host one of the Lower Mainland’s most effective and caring professional training staff.  With significant international performance experience themselves, equipped with the latest in dance training methodology, the faculty team is best positioned to ensure that students can reach excellence and their personal goals.

Dance and Performing Arts are some of the most beautiful and exciting experiences one can have in life. In support of the our Mission Statement – to encourage dedication and advance achievement, the teachers at Pro Arte are fully devoted and highly committed to providing students with the highest level of education, training, and inspiration for artistic creativity.

The passion to equip students to excel and find the joy in dance sees the Studio offering a wide range of Dance and Theatre Arts to all ages both for serious students and for those who just want to experience the beauty and energy of dance.

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Kara Chan Pro Arte Pre Professional Graduate 2011 Photographed by Leighton Matthews