Training Programs

Download the 2018-19 Schedule here:  2018 08 31 September Schedule


The Protégé Program is a new Full-Day (with on-site academics) or Half-Day program for students who want to focus on independent, intensive classical & contemporary ballet training.  This technique intensive program is designed to maximize the success of the individual student in the international dance scene.

Classes include focused training in classical ballet & pointe supported by a strong holistic approach to training with dance conditioning, PBT, pilates and enrichment studies alongside opportunity to broaden stylistically with classes in contemporary,    contemporary ballet and modern.

Intermediate & Advanced levels for Ages 12+.

  • Training hours may be done with a commitment to full program training or on a drop-in basis (charges per class are higher).
  • 5 days Half Day Training / 14.5hrs required, 20 hrs recommended
  • Class size is limited to 7-9 students in each level and preference will be given to those taking the full program.
  • Students may select to participate in competitive group choreography, but this is not mandatory.
  • We do recommend that students take additional High School accreditation examinations in the RAD and ISTD methods.
  • Students may select their own festival/competitions to attend.
  • Students may have outside choreographers.


This Full-Day (with on-site academics) or Half-Day program is designed to “catch-up” technical vocabulary and the dance aesthetic required for a professional career. Aimed at both the passionate dancer wanting to accelerate their Classical level, and the serious jazz/ contemporary dancer who would like to lean towards more contemporary and contemporary Ballet.

Classes include intense training in classical ballet, pointe & contemporary ballet  alongside opportunity to cross train with contemporary, acrobatics, aerial hoop, lyrical technique, jazz technique & hip hop.

Intermediate & Advanced levels for Ages 12+.


Level 1 Program
  • Ballet Grades 1 & 2
  • Ages 6-8 Years

Grade 1 Ballet: 2 Days training program / minimum 4.25hrs
Grade 2 Ballet: 3 Days training program / minimum 4.75hrs

Level 2 Program
  • Ballet Grades 2 & 3
  • Ages 7-10 Years

Grade 2 & 3 Ballet: 3 or 4 days training / 7hrs

Level 3 Program
  • Ballet Grade 4 through Intermediate Foundation
  • Ages 9-12 Years

Grade 4 Ballet: 4 Days training program / minimum 9.25hrs
Intermediate Foundation Ballet: 4 Days training program / minimum 10.5hrs

Level 4 Program
  • Intermediate Ballet +
  • Ages 13+ Years
  • Advanced training only available in Half-Day Accelerated Program

Intermediate Ballet:  5 days training / 15hrs minimum

Chloe Campbell photographed by Leighton MatthewsSUMMER PROGRAM 

Audition Required for Standard 4 & 5 




Physical Benefits:

  • build muscle strength while increasing flexibility
  • develop balance and agility
  • improve coordination
  • increase body and spatial awareness
  • good posture is learnt which encourages spine health for healthy aging.
  • relieve stress
  • create a positive lifelong attitude about staying active and healthy.

Social Developmental Benefits

  • meet new friends
  • develop essential social skills through interaction with other students
  • learn how to work individually, with a partner and as part of a group
  • group choreography fosters teamwork, communication, trust and cooperation
  • inspire life skills such as discipline and focus
  • nurture confidence, self-esteem and poise

Artistic Benefits 

  • spark an imagination
  • nurture individual creativity
  • inspire musicality

Enroll your child in a dance class today. The lessons she or he learns will enhance a lifetime.