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Class Schedule 2015 – 2016Chloe Campbell photographed by Leighton Matthews


Dance and Performing Arts are some of the most beautiful and exciting experiences one can have in life. The teachers at Pro Arté are highly devoted and committed to sharing their life passion.

Not every child who dances when they are young will go on to become professionals, but the majority who has danced at some point in their lives will tell of the fun, friendships and life lessons.

It’s been scientifically researched that dance provides physical, developmental and artistic benefits to your child:

Physical Benefits – Students build muscle strength while increasing flexibility.  Young dancers develop a sense of balance and improve agility and coordination whilst experiencing a range of gross motor movements and fine motor movements.  Importantly, children also develop body and spatial awareness together with good posture to encourage spine health for healthy aging.  Studies have also shown that physical activity helps children relieve stress and feel relaxed.  It is a great way to help your child develop a positive lifelong attitude about staying active and healthy.

Developmental Benefits – Dance classes are fun and a great way to meet new friends. Young dancers develop essential social skills through interaction with other students. They learn how to work individually, with a partner and as part of a group. Group choreography fosters teamwork, communication, trust and cooperation.  Dance also imparts important life skills, such as discipline and focus whilst nurturing confidence, self-esteem and poise.

Artistic Benefits – To spark the imagination and nurture the individual creativity of a child is truly the gift of dance. Enroll your child in a dance class. The lessons she or he learns will last a lifetime!