2020 Summer Intensives

Welcome! We are glad that you are considering joining us for the upcoming Summer Intensives at Pro Arté Centre. During these weeks, students find themselves experiencing dance in a new way — fresh and exciting. The possibilities for a future in dance become very real. Faculty are available to help each individual student excel and be challenged to be their best!

Learning and growing in technique and creativity are key outcomes of time spent at Pro Arté Centre. Come be inspired and prepare for your future!

Summer Weeks

Week 1:  July 20-24

Week 2:  July 27-31

Week 3:  August 17-21

Week 4:  August 24-28

Weeks can be taken independently.  However, maximum benefit is experienced when dancers participate in concurrent weeks.




Video Audition Details

Dance material should include barre work, centre practice and allegro (en pointe if appropriate). Send Youtube or Vimeo link to summer@proarte.ca.  Please complete the application form after emailing your video submission.  

Training Levels

Advanced 1/2

Students in these classes will have been working en pointe for a minimum of three years.  If dancers have been training in ISTD/RAD syllabi, students should be training at a minimum of the Advanced 1 level.  An in-person or video audition is required however placement in this level is at the discretion of the Artistic Committee.

Interfoundation / Intermediate

Students in these classes are en pointe or have permission of the Artistic Committee to participate at this level.  An in-person or video audition is required for placement.

Grade 3-5

Students participating in these classes have a minimum of three years of training or have been placed in these levels by the Artistic Committee.  An in-person or video audition is NOT required but is gratefully accepted if the dancer has not previously attended classes at the Centre.

Primary – Grade 2

Students in these classes have limited dance experience but are eager to learn movement foundations that lead to future training.

Program Information

The Summer Intensive Programs are specifically designed to create the optimal training environment for students wishing to develop their technique and artistry.  Led by a team of faculty with extensive expertise and professional performance experience, dancers are inspired and supported to achieve their best.  Utilizing the latest in dance-related sports science blended with extensive knowledge in injury prevention and recovery, dancers will be provided the safest environment for training.


With a strong commitment to the best of classical training techniques, Summer Intensive faculty will provide age and level appropriate instruction providing students with foundations that support healthy and safe advancement.


Faculty will introduce dancers to the broad diversity represented in the contemporary field that is so critical for dancer movement.  From classical modern forms to the latest in contemporary technique training from Europe, dancers will bee exposed to the optimal mix of classical/contemporary instruction.

Dance Conditioning/PBT

While dance genre training provides vocabulary, dance conditioning develops the instrument through which art is created.  All levels will be provided this critical element of training that mitigates the risk of injury.  The Advanced 1/2 level will be provided the latest conditioning training developed by Australian dance leaders that prepare the body to obtain best performance in dance.

Repertoire / Choreography – Classical / Contemporary

Familiarity with the repertoire of both classical and contemporary companies is critical for the development of the young dancer.  Both will be explored each week so as to build dancer’s understanding and artistry.

Creative Movement

It is never too early to explore free movement and combo choreography.  The building blocks for creative expression established earlier develop confidence and a love of dance that lasts to adulthood.

Guided Lunches

Ensuring that dancers are socially distance, lunches are guided by lunch discussions that enhance dance training.  These include:

  • Nutrition
  • Anatomy of the Foot and Ankle for Pointe Work
  • Anatomy for Hip and Back Care
  • Injury Recovery
  • Injury Prevention



Summer School Fees

Summer School Fees

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Summer Intensive Fees

Summer Intensive Registration

Summer Intensive Registration

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Summer Intensives Schedule

Summer Intensive Schedule

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Summer Intensives Schedule