Pro Arte Centre Calendar 2018-2019

Date Day Details/Holiday
Sep 4 Tues All Classes Start
Oct 8 Mon Thanksgiving: no regular scheduled classes Mon 8; all classes as normal Sat Oct 6
Nov 12 Mon Remembrance Day: no regular scheduled classes Monday 12
Dec 10 Mon “Youth 4 Youth Christmas” Pro Arte Streamed Programs with the Lions Gate Sinfonia Youth Orchestra @ Roundhouse Theatre
Dec 17-22 Mon – Sat Parent Viewing Week 1 (except choreography classes)
Dec 23-Jan 6 2 weeks December Holidays: no regular scheduled classes. Classes resume Mon, Jan 7
Jan   Vancouver Ballet Society “Spring Seminar” auditions
Feb 2 Sat Joffrey Ballet School Auditions
Feb 18 Mon Family Day: no regular scheduled classes Mon 18; all classes as normal Sat Feb 16.
Mar 11-16 Mon-Sat Parent Viewing Week 2 (except PPP & PTP choreography classes)
Mar 18-31 2 weeks Spring Easter: no regular scheduled classes; classes resume April 1
Apr 19-22 Fri-Mon Easter Weekend; classes resume April 23
May 20 Mon Victoria Day: no regular classes running Mon 20; classes as Normal on Sat May 18
June 20, 22 Thurs/Sat Yearend Presentation
Jun 24-29 Mon-Sat Pro Arte Open House Week & “Try a New Class” week
Jul 1-Sep 2   Summer Holidays: last day of classes Fri Jun 29
Summer Schools Week 1: Jul 22-26
Week 2: Jul 29-Aug 2
Week 3: Aug 5-9  
Week 4: Aug 12-16