Protégé Program

The Protégé Program is an Elite Half Day Program for students who want to focus on independent, intensive classical & contemporary training.  This technique intensive program is designed to maximize the success of the individual students in the local and international dance scene.
COVID-19 has a lot of ambiguity around what in-class instruction will return to in September. Pro Arté has combined in-class instruction and Virtual instruction, to provide the best possible opportunity for students to continue training at the highest level.

Our Program

  • Full 5 Half Day Training in person, starting at 1:30pm.
  • 3 Half Day Training in person, supplemented by 2 virtual days, starting at 1:30pm.
  • 2 Half Day Training in person, supplemented by 3 virtual days, starting at 1:30pm.
  • Class size is limited to 7-11 students in Protégé classes and preference will be given to those taking the full program.
  • All classes are mandatory. Dancers are not allowed to pick and chose the classes they do. There is a commitment to the program in full as we are creating a well-rounded professional dancer.
  • Students may select to participate in competitive groups. These do incur additional charges and hours and are not mandatory. For students planning on more than 3 international individual events, they are NOT recommended.
  • We do recommend that students take additional High School Accreditation Examination classes from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) methods.
  • Students may perform solos at any festivals/competitions with Pro Arte approval and administration. We do, however, recommend no more than 3 competitions during a training year and that consideration is given to the science for the best training cycle (we want to optimize the peaks and avoid the dips).

Dress Code

The dress code for ballet class changes based on the different levels, however the uniform is a Pro Arté leotard and tights with ballet shoes. Our more senior dancers who are invited to take pointe classes will also be required to purchase pointe shoes. Male dancers are required to wear a white fitted t-shirt or leotard with navy shorts, or navy tights. We require hair to be off the face in a classical bun for all dance classes.
Our dancers are required to wear a Pro Arté leotard and black tights or shorts with bare feet. Our male contemporary dancers are required to wear a white t-shirt with black pants or shorts with bare feet. Hair for this class is required to be off the face and up in a classical bun or pony tail.

Why chose Pro Arté?

  • Our studio prides ourselves on our core values and passion of dance.
  • A warm welcoming environment!
  • We focus on strong holistic well rounded dance training for all ages!
  • Onsite dancer wellness team!

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