Pro Merita – In Partnership with Navigate – Public School District #71

For Grades 5-12.

For Students to Excel and Realize Their Dreams … Make Education Work for You!

  •  Individualized Learning within an environment of your peers
  • Flexible Timetable to support Performance and Competitive Needs

Unlike other half-day programs that limit your  in-school course work to 6 courses, students are encouraged to complete the full range of course subjects limited only by their own personal schedules and interests.

  •  Pro Merita is not “home schooling” …   students are required to cover the same syllabus and curriculum that their peers in public and other private schools are required to know.
  • Students who are attend must be organized and   highly motivated as each stu­dent must take ownership of their work and studies.

Yes – students can accelerate their studies but they are still required to meet all of the learning outcomes as designed   by the B.C. Ministry of Education.

  • Students are drawn from a diverse   community  of activities – from hockey to ballet and gymnastics to figure skating.
  • Students are required to complete the FSA (Foundation Skills Assessment) and all Provincial Exams are a requirement for graduation.
  • Students must be at a Grade 5/6 level or higher with good academic standing

Yes – high school students can take the full  complement of university entrance courses for both the Arts as well as Sciences faculties.  Pro Merita high school learners are provided credit for dance courses offered through classes at Pro Arte Centre.

  • High school students, on recommendation, can concurrently take University courses for post secondary credit.