Adult Classes

Pro Arte Centre has exceptional classes for adults and WE WELCOME EVERYONE! Classes are taught by a variety of instructors with years of professional experience in their discipline.
If you are a beginner, classes are a fun way to get fit while gaining experience.
For more experienced dancers, the classes can be more technical, advanced and challenging while having a fun and energetic environment.

Starting November 8th, we have added more Adult classes!

Acro- Monday 7:45pm
Ballet- Tuesday 6:45pm
Contemporary- Wednesday 6:15pm
Ballet- Thursday 6:45pm
Jazz- Friday 6:15pm
Class length has been increased this year to 1.25 hours as our dancers tell us that 1 hour is “just getting started!” 
Drop-in is $20 (including GST).  Class cards are available! $190 for 10 classes (also includes GST)! And the best deal is $360 for 20 classes (again GST is included). 
Class cards can be used for all styles however, pre-registration for classes is needed! Email us for more information or register below! 
If you have any questions then please call or send us an email!
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