Professional Faculty and Staff

Dance and Holistic Support Faculty: (click here for Faculty Bios )

Dance and Holistic Support Faculty:

  • Stephana Arnold: Professional Program Classical  Ballet, Contemporary Ballet and Contemporary; CatchingART resident choreographer
  • Tania Brossoit: Professional and Pre-Professional Programs Classical  Ballet; ISTD Ballet Grades; RAD Ballet Vocational Examinations
  • Beverley Bagg: Professional Program Classical  Ballet and Coaching
  • Jenny Yoo: Professional and Pre-Professional Programs Classical  Ballet; ISTD Ballet Grades and Vocational examinations; Pilates
  • Yana Dragieva: Professional Program Classical Ballet, Character Dance
  • Kimberly Dixon: Professional and Pre-Professional Programs ISTD Modern, Contemporary, Contact-Improv; AFSA Acrobatics
  • Alicia Bruce: Professional and Pre-Professional Programs Lyrical,  Jazz; AIDT Tap
  • Nevada Yates-Robarts: Stage & Musical Theatre
  • Sophia Curalli: Pre-Professional Program & ISTD Ballet Grades
  • Saki Okuyama: ISTD  Ballet Grades
  • Montana Moore: Jazz, Lyrical & Hip Hop
  • Tannis Mclean: AFSA Acrobatics &  Jazz
  • Suzanne Ouellette: Song & Dance Workshops
  • Susie Higgins: Pilates
  • Erika Mayall: Physiotherapy
  • Dhana Musil: Yoga, Nutrition
  • Dr. Susan Tasker: Dance Psychology

Administration and Academics: 

  • Leore Anner: Mathematics/Science/Administration
  • Rodelia C. Banta:  Facilities Maintenance
  • Frances Brodhead: Wardrobe/Costumes
  • Colleen Brow: Humanities
  • Edita Cas: Facilities Maintenance
  • Chris Cheng: Mathematics/Science, SelfDesign Centre Coordinator
  • Duygu Dagmur:  French
  • Oonagh Pontin: Humanities