NEWS FLASH: Pro Arte Half Day Grade 10-12 students to receive additional high school credit for dance courses

Pro Arte Half Day students performing at the Gala 2012 photographed by Sarah SedlaceckPro Arte Grade 10-12 Half Day students who train over 20 hours per week will now be able to gain official high school credit through SelfDesign High’s program offered at Pro Merita Academy.  These BAA electives are monitored and managed by B.C. Certified Teachers and qualified professional dance teaching staff and will reflect the wealth of learning experience in the diversity of dance disciplines on an individual’s BC High School Transcript.  Capturing the robust learning that students involved with high performance dance activities is vitally important so that a student might present the holistic learning experienced in the Pro Arte Pre-Professional Program Upper School.

BAA Curriculum 2013-2014

In addition to full access to all core academic subjects and a number of traditional elective courses, SelfDesign High’s Remote Learning Site at Pro Merita Academy will offer BC Ministry of Education accredited high school elective courses in:

  • Classical Ballet Studies
  • Contemporary Ballet Studies
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Jazz Studies
  • Lyrical Dance
  • Musical Theatre
  • Costume Design and Production

Further courses are in the planning and approval stages to capture the expertise and training associated with participation in High Performance training in Arts and Athletics.

Pro Arte Centre joins the international “Dancer Wellness Project”

Pro Arte Students Emma Little & Chloe CampbellPro Arte Centre is excited to be the first Vancouver Professional Dance Organisation to join the “The Dancer Wellness Project”

“This program is a consortium of organizations (professional dance organizations, universities, schools, and medical clinics) that promote dancer health, wellness, education, and research through the implementation of dancer screening, exposure tracking, and injury surveillance. This goal is to promote injury prevention, career longevity, effective and efficient training, and assist dancers, dance educators, and medical care practitioners who interface with dancers. The main goal of the DWP is to provide the technological infrastructures and other resources needed to facilitate and support the myriad projects of participating organizations/affiliates.”

It is a core value that Pro Arte  provides a holistic training that is scientifically supported and carefully nurturing. We want our aspiring 12 year olds to be tomorrow’s professionals and not carry injuries that will hinder their adult careers.