“Dancing stimulates the Mind, Body and Soul. It has been proven to increase cognitive strengths and prolong life; That is the Miracle of Dance.” – Lai Rupe

We want to dance with you!

Virtual Programs for all ages! Now including in-class instruction!

The dance world is celebrating the return to dance classes in studio!!  However – we take seriously the health and safety concerns of our students, families and faculty.  We have created the “best-of” health practices that are prescribed by the BC Ministry of Health.  However, as the world adjusts to the necessary demands for isolation and social distancing, we continue to offer Virtual training through Zoom for those who are high-risk or have loved ones that they protect.  

All classes curriculum developed is:

  • Designed for spaces that are the dimensions recommended by COVID-19 authorities,
  • Modified to include elements that work the same muscles as jumps,
  • Devised to eliminate risk of injury in pointe work, and
  • Taught by experienced, certified teachers. 


To register for our virtual programs:

Go to the https://forms.gle/98FDEX3HpnYAesvaA to see our Virtual program registration as well as our In-class instruction.

After you have registered our team will send you the link for Virtual Classes.