“Our goal is to establish passion, positive self-esteem and strong technique for all of our dancers”

-Pro Arté Faculty

I was asked:  “Why do you pay so much money and spend so much time running around for your daughter/son to dance? Why spend so much money for practice, dance and presentations?”

I have a confession to make — I am not paying for these things – my payment is an investment in my child’s future:

I pay for my child to learn discipline.

I pay for my child to learn how to take care of body and mind.

I pay for my child to learn to work with others and be a good teammate, be supportive and respectful.

I pay for my child to learn to deal with disappointment and discover that the key is to work harder.

I pay for my child to understand that it takes hours and hours of hard work and training to get results and to become a champion, and that success doesn’t happen overnight.

I pay for my child to learn tenacity, to get up after a fall and be determined to do better next time.

I pay for the chance that my child may have amazing instructors that will teach that dance is not just about movement but about life.

I pay for my child to learn how to make and achieve goals.

I’m paying for the opportunity my child will have to make lifelong friendships.

I pay for my child to be in a studio and not in front of a screen.

I pay for those moments when my child comes back to get rest and doesn’t think or have time to be lazy or in bad things.

I pay for those moments when my child becomes tired and feels like quitting but doesn’t.

I pay for all the teachings that this beautiful discipline builds creativity, self-confidence, poise and experience.

I pay for the opportunities that dance provides my child to develop attributes that will serve well throughout life and give opportunity to bless the lives of others.

I could go on, but to be brief:

I do not pay for dance classes. I pay for the opportunities that this discipline offers to develop attributes and life skills that will be very useful throughout life.

From what I have seen for many, many years, I think it is a great investment!

Anonymous (adapted)

“Our goal is to establish passion, positive self-esteem and strong technique for all of our dancers”

-Pro Arté Faculty
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