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Established in 2003, Pro Arté Centre is best known for its commitment to providing holistic  and inspired training to young dancers intending to pursue a career in dance.  Pro Arté offers vibrant training programs for those just beginning dance and for those who are training as professionals.  The Centre provides caring, engaging, excellence in training for dance students from ages 4 through adults — all ages are served by certified and experienced teachers that are passionate about sharing their love of dance. 

Our graduates have been accepted into companies and dance programs within Canada, the United States and Europe including to name a few; Juilliard, Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal, Alvin Ailey, Ballet BC, Alberta Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Ballet Jorgen, Philadanco, Ballet Theatre UK, Rambert and Rudra Bejart.

Students participating in Pro Arté programs have been awarded BC Provincial titles in the classical ballet, contemporary and stage divisions and have also been recognized for outstanding performance and technical ability in internationally acclaimed competitions in the USA and Europe. Pro Arté sees students achieve high distinction in Advanced 2 level international ballet and modern Examinations with both the lmperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) and Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). Students are also trained for the Solo Seal and Genée Awards.

Our internationally recognised teaching faculty come highly qualified with professional performing careers, international teaching accreditation (RAD; ISTD  and AFSA International), and are actively involved with the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS) and Healthy Dancer Canada. They have been recipients  of  numerous choreography and school  awards at events held in New York, Berlin, San Francisco, Denver, Dallas, Portland, Seattle and Florida.

Pro Arté Centre offers an on-site Full DAY Dance/Academic Professional Program Grades 4 – 12 as well as a Half Day Program and after school programs. The Centre also has on-site physiotherapy and a fully equipped Pilates gym with a team of holistic support staff for  dance conditioning & rehab, nutrition and mental training.

Dancing stimulates the Mind, Body and Soul. It has been proven to increase cognitive strengths and prolong life; That is the Miracle of Dance. – Lai Rupe

Training, Classes & Programs

Download the 2018-19 Regular Class Schedule here:  2018 08 31 September Schedule

SPRING HOLIDAY TRAINING: “Technique Intense  Classes”

Focused Classical Training with Targeted Dance Conditioning

  • Dates: Wednesday 27th March  – Saturday 30th March 2019
  •  Level: Grades 4 – Intermediate level/ages 10 – 14
  • Instructor: Astrid Sherman
  • Time:  10am – 12 noon
  • Fee: $20 +tax per class
  • Private coaching sessions can be booked after the classes.

Ideal for students who compete after Spring-Break

Email: registrar@proarte.ca  to register


Full-Day (with on-site academic facility) or Half-Day program for international students. This technique intensive program is designed for the ESL exchange student program to maximize the success of the individual student in the international dance scene.

Classes include focused training in classical ballet & pointe supported by a strong holistic approach to training with dance conditioning, PBT, pilates and enrichment studies alongside opportunity to broaden stylistically with classes in contemporary, contemporary ballet and modern.

  • 3 MONTHS: April 1st – June 30th 2019
  • Levels: Intermediate Foundation – Advanced Ages 12 – 18
  • Private coaching also available
  • Homestay Options

Contact info@proarte.ca  for more information


The Protégé Program is a new Full-Day (with on-site academics) or Half-Day program for students who want to focus on independent, intensive classical & contemporary ballet training.  This technique intensive program is designed to maximize the success of the individual student in the international dance scene.

Classes include focused training in classical ballet & pointe supported by a strong holistic approach to training with dance conditioning, PBT, pilates and enrichment studies alongside opportunity to broaden stylistically with classes in contemporary,    contemporary ballet and modern.

Intermediate & Advanced levels for Ages 12+.

  • Training hours may be done with a commitment to full program training or on a drop-in basis (charges per class are higher).
  • 5 days Half Day Training / 14.5hrs required, 20 hrs recommended
  • Class size is limited to 7-9 students in each level and preference will be given to those taking the full program.
  • Students may select to participate in competitive group choreography, but this is not mandatory.
  • We do recommend that students take additional High School accreditation examinations in the RAD and ISTD methods.
  • Students may select their own festival/competitions to attend.
  • Students may have outside choreographers.

This Full-Day (with on-site academics) or Half-Day program is designed to “catch-up” technical vocabulary and the dance aesthetic required for a professional career. Aimed at both the passionate dancer wanting to accelerate their ballet proficiency, and the serious jazz/ contemporary dancer who would like to lean towards more contemporary and contemporary Ballet.

Classes include intense training in ballet technique, pointe technique,  contemporary ballet, modern, contemporary and improv alongside an holistic education and support from the evolving world of dance science. With lectures & training from current dance science teachers and cross training classes in dance conditioning, pilates, yoga, flexibility, PBT  and Barre à Terre to develop a knowledge & understanding, core strength & stability, flexibility & muscular balance  to dance stronger & LONGER!

Intermediate & Advanced levels for Ages 12+.

  • Recommended ISTD Ballet & Modern & RAD Ballet High School Accreditation Examinations
  • Competitive work available if wanted
Level 1 Program
  • Ballet Grades 1 & 2
  • Ages 6-8 YearsChloe Campbell photographed by Leighton Matthews

Grade 1 Ballet: 2 Days training program / minimum 4.25hrs
Grade 2 Ballet: 3 Days training program / minimum 4.75hrs

Level 2 Program
  • Ballet Grades 2 & 3
  • Ages 7-10 Years

Grade 2 & 3 Ballet: 3 or 4 days training / 7hrs

Level 3 Program
  • Ballet Grade 4 through Intermediate
  • Ages 9-12 Years

Grade 4 Ballet: 4 Days training program / minimum 9.5hrs
Intermediate  Ballet: 4 Days training program / minimum 10.5hrs


Pro Arte Centre is pleased to use an online registration database that allows parents and students to directly access their student and financial records confident that the latest in security measures have been implemented.

Participation in Dance education requires the assumption of physical risk.  All due care and attention is paid to ensuring a safe and supportive environment for learning.  We ask that parents provide written notice of all pre-existing medical conditions.

Set up your account for Registration and access your online Student File:  Click Here:

If you are interested in attending our FREE Industry Stream Workshops and/or audition, register on our website at:  Industry Stream Workshop Registration

If you are interested in auditioning for one of Pro Arte Centre’s Pre-Professional Programs, find out more information Here.

More information about:  Tuition And Financial Details

Get to Know our Community

 Encouraging Dedication and Advancing Achievement

“Come Soar with Us”

The Pro Arte Centre community is pleased to host one of the Lower Mainland’s most effective and caring professional training staff.  With significant international performance experience themselves, equipped with the latest in dance training methodology, the faculty team is best positioned to ensure that students can reach excellence and their personal goals.

Dance and Performing Arts are some of the most beautiful and exciting experiences one can have in life. In support of the our Mission Statement – to encourage dedication and advance achievement, the teachers at Pro Arte are fully devoted and highly committed to providing students with the highest level of education, training, and inspiration for artistic creativity.

The passion to equip students to excel and find the joy in dance sees the Studio offering a wide range of Dance and Theatre Arts to all ages both for serious students and for those who just want to experience the beauty and energy of dance.

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Kara Chan Pro Arte Pre Professional Graduate 2011 Photographed by Leighton Matthews

Student Resources

Are you a current student at Pro Arté Centre or thinking about becoming one?  Below are some resources that you will find helpful.



Uniforms are critical in developing a sense of “team” and “community” which is a significant experience in our school.   Dance is more than an individual effort, it is the efforts of the whole group; wearing a “uniform” creates unity and promotes a camaraderie that is tangibly demonstrated in and through the dance performance.  Here is more information about specific uniform requirements:  Uniform

Calendar of Events

Students at the Centre are involved in a variety of events throughout the year.  For those involved in our Professional/Pre-Professional/Competitive Programs, there are festival and community activities in which Pro Arté participates.  For the academic year, the Centre follows the North Vancouver School District vacation closures.  Here is our 2018-19 Calendar:  Calendar


Pro Arté Centre students are provided the opportunity to participate in international examinations recognized at the vocational level by the BC Ministry of Education as external credits for Grades 10 through 12.  Students who partake in examinations are given the opportunity to focus in-depth on technique and performance skills. They are challenged to meet an international standard and obtain a great sense of self-achievement and accomplishment from their commitment.  Candidates are chosen only if we feel this will be a positive experience for your child. Not all children flourish in this pressured situation. Dance examinations allow students to develop an assured self-confidence and secure coping skills for performing under pressure. These are vital life skills in today’s competitive society.  More specific information about examinations, including the latest schedules for current students are available on the secure portion of our website at:  Protected: Examination Information

Community Bulletin Board

There is often information that is relevant to current students – festival rehearsals, examinations, special notices and Centre news.  These details can be found on the secure portion of our website at:  Protected: Online Bulletin Board